Holiday Season


Oh the weather outside is frightful!…Well not really, this is being written from Sonoma County after all. But it is wintertime and although it may be blustery outside, inside there is always wine!  And it is the season of gift-giving so we say: give the gift of B.R. Cohn! Wine, gourmet food, olive oil and vinegar, cooking and kitchen accessories, we’ve got you covered. Many things are available online, or if you’re in the area, come by on Saturdays for Sip, Savor and Shop, going until December 28th to get a jump on your holiday shopping. Each Saturday will feature complimentary gift wrapping, music, vendors and of course, wine!

Be sure to check your email for information about our 12 Days of Christmas Sale, starting December 1st! Each day until December 12th will feature a different special valid for that day, and the Coupon Code will be available only on Facebook. Be sure to “LIKE” us to gain access to the Coupon Codes and get some great holiday gifts for your friends and family!

Pairings for the holidays: What goes with Figgy Pudding? Even more pressing…does anyone even know what Figgy Pudding is?

Figgy PuddingAccording to our trusty friend Google, Figgy Pudding is a dense Holiday dessert made with figs, nuts and brandy. Also known as Christmas pudding, it can be made months in advance due to the amount of alcohol in it, which acts as a preservative. Originating from around Shakespeare’s time in the mid 1600s, Christmas pudding was actually banned by Puritans in 1664 who considered it a “lewd custom,”  believing that the “fruit, spices, and spirits inflamed passions” (NPR Report, All Things Considered, Jul 17 2011). However it entered favor again in the next century and became a staple in British households, even inspiring traditions like taking turns stirring the pudding and making a wish. Check out this great NPR report for more info and a recipe!

While sweet, the alcohol in Figgy Pudding creates nice contrast. It would be perfect with our 2010 Olive Hill Estate Cabernet Port, a great dessert pairing to wrap up a holiday meal!


10BarberaVarietal of the Month: Barbera

It’s a chilly December Day. You’re at home, wondering what to prepare for dinner and suddenly you see a bottle of BR Cohn 2010 Mendocino County Barbera on the counter. Aha! You think. Barbera is a classic, rustic Italian red, perfect for cold weather days, and it goes fantastic with so many dishes!

Barbera originates from the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s a very adaptable grape, easy to grow and cultivate, which has led to its reputation as more of an “everyday” wine. But everyday wines have their place, especially if they’re actually quite tasty! The high acidity of Barbera means it is very food friendly, especially with wintery dishes like roast lamb or beef, or Italian pasta dishes like spaghetti. Basically anything meaty or tomato-y or both and you’re golden.

Our Barbera hails from Mendocino County and is aged in tight-grain French Oak. This helps balance the acid and gives the tannins nice structure, without compromising the fruit flavors this varietal is so known for, which include plum, blackberry, and ripe red fruits. Barbera is a medium bodied, silky wine and the tannins are not overbearing, further contributing to its food friendliness.

A perfect choice for a winter meal, and a great option for the Holiday season!